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Apologetics Position Papers
by Greg Loren Durand

Are There Two Peoples of God? An Amillennial Response to Dispensationalism

God-Men and Spiritual Vegetables: The Occult Worldview of Mormonism

Natural Law and the Conscience

Jehovah's Witnesses, Arianism, and John 1:1

Views of the Mosaic Covenant Within the Reformed Tradition

The Cessation of Tongues and Prophecy Within the Reformed Tradtion

A Biblical Look at the Ordination of Women

"A God Who Doth Vary": The Shifting Winds of Mormon Doctrine

Calvinism and Arminianism: A Comparison of Opposing Belief Systems

Free Online Books
by Greg Loren Durand

Communion With the Gods: The Pagan Altar of Freemasonry

Ex Cathedra: An Historical and Scriptural Analysis of Papal Infallibility

The Five Points of Christianity: A Biblical Defense of Calvinism

Seduced By Error: A Response to Patrick Madrid's Surprised By Truth

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01.The Wonders of Bible Chronology
02.The Gospel of the Kingdom: An Examination of Dispensationalism
03.How To Be a Man
04.The Ruling Elder
05.Infant Baptism: Scriptural and Reasonable
06.Thoughts on Popery
07.Beautiful Girlhood (audio)
08.The Christian Character of Robert E. Lee (CD)
09.The Five Points of Christianity: A Biblical Defense of Calvinism
10.The Problem of Original Sin in American Presbyterian Theology
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